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  I was looking a while a go to buy a compact shirt pocket camera because carrying my SLR with me all the time , just doesn’t cut it, and I read  great things about this little guy.  Canon G11 was my pick but it feels a little bulky to carry it around. The Canon S90 on the other hand it is a perfect companion to take it everywhere. The possibility to shoot RAW and Manual Mode it’s huge for any photographer who likes total control of their pictures. The S90 uses the same sensor and processing engine as the new G11, all in a much smaller and more convenient size.
The camera's 10MP sensor is one of the largest found in an SPS sized camera, with a pixel density of 23 MP/cm².Barrel distortion with the S90, as with almost all small sensor small lens cameras, is really visible. It can be easily corrected in
Photoshop with Filter/ Distort / Lens Correction.
The control ring what surrounding the lens it’s a another cool feature of this camera and can be customizable for different needs. The best setting what everybody seems to like is the focal length setting  and you can go click by click from 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm to 105mm
The quality of the images is impressive ,but never expect SLR quality for a compact camera. But it holds the sharpness up to 13x19 size prints.. The camera has image stabilization and high ISO setting but for me they are worthless because everything higher than ISO 400 holds so much noise that the image  is just garbage.
I had the camera with me at the Art Miami Show and I snaped some picture with available light
/flash didn’t fire and I was really impress how sharp they were. Like with any camera you got to use the best technique when taking pictures  to avoid camera shake even with image stabilization turned on. Here it is an example how clear the picture are and  how much detail it holds. The blow up its cropped from the pic
Canon Powershot S90
Along with this camera which retails for 424 USD I purchased an 5 USD table top tripod to be able to take some night/long exposure picture and I was really amazed how versatile this camera is. Special when you travel and you run in some nice architectural night shots being able to go in Manual mode and nail the pic with your ready available shirt pocket camera it is great. Camera has a Low Light Scene Mode but I found it to noisy and I will stick with Manual . There are lots of presets to choose for different situations and it does a pretty good job on Program but I purchased this camera to substitute my SLR and I will be using it most of the time in Manual and adjust all the settings myself.
Canon S90 has Face detection, blinking detection and a whole cool interface for portrait mode. And as I state before with the proper technique delivers great images. Look at this crop and you will see that  the quality it’s stunning
Bottom line is that this camera it is a great compromise to have a always ready camera with you what delivers good quality pics in a small body.
It can be cheaper but....
The key feature:
Lens Control Ring 10 million pixels sensor RAW shooting Fast f/2.0-4.9 maximum aperture range Lens covering the classic 28-105mm range Dual Anti-Noise System (high sensitivity sensor and Digic 4 noise reduction) 3.0 inch PureColor II LCD Optical Image Stabilization Smarter Scene Detection Low Light mode DIGIC 4 image processor HD output
As any Compact camera with small lens ,the depth of the field it is extremely deep so you have to use it creatively otherwise the background will look busy.
Night photography on manual mod can be very easy to achieve with the proper technique. This Christmas lights were shot with camera rested on a fence post.
With the flash set on slow synchro you can use slow shutter speed  to brighten the background while the camera provide proper illumination with the flash for your main subject .
The skin tones are recorded proper in almost any situations, the face detection and blink warning also contribute for successful portrait pictures.